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Your dishwasher has sprung a leak. A property you manage has air conditioning issues. A house you scooped up as a realtor is nearly ready for sale, but a crisis occurs and the water heater needs repairs or replacement—so you lose a potential buyer. Don’t let issues like these prove to be problems. The home warranty Las Vegas residents, property managers and realtors need, and have trusted for over 30 years, is through National Home Warranty. Call our Nevada number at 702-641-8888 or fill out an online application now!.

Home Warranty Basics

What’s the difference between homeowners insurance and a home warranty in Las Vegas? Or anywhere for that matter! Homeowners insurance covers a wide variety of things that may be considered catastrophic in nature, while a home warranty focuses specifically on repairs to major home systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) and appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear. These are items that typically are not covered by homeowners insurance, but much more likely to occur.

Since insurance covers major damage like natural disasters, you may never need to file a claim. However, it’s very likely that you’ll use a home warranty at least once per year. Plus, a warranty is significantly cheaper! Not only are the annual premiums just a fraction of the cost of a typical homeowners policy, the deductible (or co-pay) is only a $60 per claim service fee with National Home Warranty. When compared to the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars with a normal homeowner’s policy deductible, you can’t beat it.

Las Vegas Home Warranty Benefits

Did you know that more than 2/3 of households experience a critical appliance break down every year? Get your Las Vegas home warranty now, and stop worrying about getting caught unexpectedly by costly home repairs. Your National Home Warranty Essential Plan is a cost effective way to protect yourself from these unplanned, and unbudgeted, emergencies. So start enjoying life with the peace of mind you deserve and let us provide the following benefits:

  • Only National Home Warranty has trusted in-house licensed contractors to service your claims. This provides us with the necessary control to get your service completed quickly, and often the same day. Additionally, it eliminates trades attempting to turn the service call into a sales call, and wasting your valuable time selling unwanted products and services.

  • Flat service call fee: With few exceptions, every claim you place through us will cost you a low $60 service call fee. That includes all parts and labor required to service your claim whether it’s an emergency, or just a routine repair, regardless of how often service is needed.

  • Free mechanical inspection: If you request it, new applicants can get a free mechanical inspection of the systems and appliances on their property with plan purchase. This service can be invaluable when purchasing (or selling) an existing residence.

  • There are several Las Vegas home warranty companies to choose from, but only National Home Warranty has been locally owned and operated, and servicing Nevada residents, for over 30 years. That’s right; we’re local and part of the fabric of the community. When you call, you’ll speak to local sales or claims representatives that understand the nature of our severe climate in the desert, the work schedules and availability of residents in the city that doesn’t sleep, and all of the other unique circumstances we deal with in Las Vegas. You’ll get real service from real people living in the community, not some uninspired claims agent located in a call center somewhere else in the U.S., or even internationally.

    Other Areas We Service

    We’re not just the National Home Warranty Las Vegas realtors, property managers and residents need. We offer plans all over the state of Nevada—and Arizona, too. If you have properties located in both states, we make it easy to streamline your contracts and processes. Have properties in Phoenix or another Arizona city? Find out why we’re the home warranty Arizona residents prefer. Give us a call at 480-428-8800 today, or purchase a warranty online.

    Getting Your Warranty Fast

    Have any questions concerning our National Home Warranty Las Vegas NV options? Get one of our expert team members on the line to walk you through the selection process. We can suggest the most suitable option for your property. Remember, no residence is too large or small.

    Call our Nevada number at 702-641-8888 today! You can also purchase a warranty online; just complete our online application.

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